Produzione fucili e armi artigianali
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Cortesi’s Production Program

Produzione armi artigianali

Cortesi’s Production Program

These guns are made with great expertise, forging by hand every little steel item

Hunting guns from 12 to 410 bore:

  • side by side guns
  • over and under guns
  • three barrels guns

Unique competition guns:

The following guns are ready for sale , all mechanical work on them has been completed, as they are fully functioning, they are now available for you to choose the finish: steel frame finish, engraving, polishing, initials, inlays etc..

  • Three barrels guns 12 bore
  • Three barrels gun 20 bore
  • over and under Boss type, 12 bore

Hunting and competition shotguns

Cortesi Armi is also able to offer a precious and skilled repair and restoration service on both modern as well as antique, shotguns and rifles.

V. Spring self opener

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Armi Cortesi, by Virgilio and Nerio Cortesi - Sport and competition shotguns makers

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