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Cortesi’s lock conceived for self opener over and under.

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Firearms according to Cortesi. A dream made of steel
(from an article by G. Lupi )

I have paid a visit to the Cortesi workshop in Rimini where Virgilio and his son Nerio are still working more or less with just the same equipment a medieval gunsmith would have had: a great variety of chisels, saws. hammers, files.

Yesterday, Nerio has placed a big lump of steel in my hands, it was partially shaped and he told me this will become an over and under gun. He’s now working at the locks he has designed with a little variation inspired by Purdey. It will be a self opening gun and this is quite a rare feature in this kind of gun.
What about all components of the lock?
Nerio forges them by hand (with an anvil), one by one, together with extremely long V-shaped springs that truly represent, by themselves, a work of art!! –
I can confidently say that only 3 , may be 4, gunsmiths in Europe, would be able to make such pieces!
That steel ingot and those springs have made my heart race. This is a crazy impossible job, done by people who are in love with their own art.!
Do you have doubts? Perhaps you think this cannot be true ; come and see for yourself the way they work a their workshop.
Here we are dealing with refined gunsmiths and real masterpieces created by experienced hands, something that we mustn’t loose or let die.

Self opener over and under - 20 bore .

Fucili calibro 20 -  fucile cortesi

Cortesi Armi - More models and guns to look at

Herebelow you can have a look at some of the guns they have made over the years:
over and under, side by side and three barrels guns, plus enlarged pictures of some components more models...

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