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The Cortesi gunsmiths : A Dynasty
(from an article by G. Lupi- Sept. 2000)

The firm “Cortesi Armi” was founded by Giuseppe Cortesi and established in Vergiano-Rimini.
Nerio and Virgilio Cortesi, grandson and son of the founder, are specialized in the hand-made building of very refined arms with unique technique and superb style.
Guns for sports, for competition and for refined art collectors.
Nowdays is actually extremely rare to find a workshop such as theirs; they are carrying on the family activity with great passion, talent and expertise, making every single shotgun by hand, achieving thus, remarkable works of art.

According to the best gunsmith tradition, they have conceived their own special lock which can be adapted to any kind of gun they make. The break down frame, its fitting, the carving and the finish work are made only by chisel with unbelievable outstanding quality of the fitting work, steel and wood make just one perfectly unbroken surface.

These shotguns are not just most beautiful inside and outside, they are also more accurate, reliable and better proportioned than any you can find. Certainly, who buys a Cortesi shotgun can be confident to possess a unique work of art which, as time goes, will increase its value. Cortesi gun maker Rimini
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Armi Cortesi, by Virgilio and Nerio Cortesi - Sport and competition shotguns makers

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