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Cortesi armi- established by Giuseppe Cortesi (1879-1946)

in the above picture three barrels gun custom made for Princess Giulia Ottoboni

Cortesi Guns

The Cortesi Gunsmith firm

Weapons, shotguns, unique masterpieces created by the genius of experienced, humble, passionate hands.
Discover their history and their production from 1879 onwards. > Cortesi Guns makers

Fire arms

Custom made and entirely hand-made shotguns

Cortesi build every single shotgun by hand in every detail, achieving thus, outstanding works of art. Just take a look at their superb over and under with self opener of the barrels. Ten years of unbelievable handwork to create the best gun ever made worldwide.
Go and look up their production program. > Fire arms

Classic Cortesi over and under

The Cortesi classic shotguns

Classic Cortesi over and under 20 bore ejector. Engraved G.F. Pedersoli. > Fire arm

Address and contacts

Armi Cortesi, by Virgilio and Nerio Cortesi
Sport and competition shotguns makers
Via Marecchiese, 424- 47900 Rimini (RN) Italy.
Tel/fax.: +039 0541.727108 – E-mail :

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